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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Corie Winebrimmer who was born in West Virginia on December 12, 1985 and passed away on November 03, 2001 at the age of 15. We will remember her forever.
Mother....Linda Renea (Hanks) Smith
Step Father..Dougal Smith  -----       Lanark West Va
Father....Michael Winebrimmer------Union West Va

Sisters... Shawna Ashley Winebrimmer 
               Jessica Smith 
Brother.....Westley Chance Winebrimmer

Grandmother------Norma Jean Welch
                            Marie (Winebrimmer) Wilson (desceased)
Grandfathers.......Billy Welch (deceased)
                            Leonard Hanks (deceased)
                            Harold Winebrimmer (desceased)

Uncles-----Kelly Gwinn Jr
                 Earl (Dell) Sharp
                 Leonard Hanks Jr
                 David Welch
                 David Winebrimmer
                 Gary Winebrimmer
                  Eddy  Wilson 
                 Raymond Welch (Desceased)

Aunts-------Dara (Gwinn) Leichter 
                 Lisa (Hanks) Suggs
                 Diana (Welch) Marison
                 Diane (Winebrimmer)
                 Cathy (Winebrimmer)
                 Ginny (Winebrimmer) Hanks
                 Tammy (Winebrimmer) Brown    


Cories favorite color was Pink.  She loved glitz and she glittered brighter than any star in the sky. She was always a honor roll student and very 
popular. She could light up a room by just walking into it. Her personality and heart was as beautiful as her face. To have lived only almost 16 years, she certainly touched many, many lives,,She was a wonderful roll model for all the little girls who adored her. Her favorite was a little cousin named Shayle........Corie is so missed  
Tributes and Condolences
Dear Corie.   / (Memaw) Norma Welch (Grandmother)
10 years of grieving and remembering all the things that made you so special. Not just your beauty and bright smile,  but all the silly little things so dear to me now. Last night,  as i was waiting for sleep to overtake me, i was rememberi...  Continue >>
Corie.   / Brandi Goss (friend/distant cousin )
Corie I miss you dearly. Corie a younf lady with a great life. She had the support of everyone in her family and all the friends you could ask for. This girl was so sweet you just could keep a grudge. When I found out what had happened I just didn't...  Continue >>
A Letter to Corie. <3   / Shayle Smith (Cousin)
Dear Corie Winebrimmer I love & miss you with all of my heart. Alot of people forgot but I didn't . "It aint fair you died too young like the story that had just begun the death tore the pages all away. " I cry still. no one can take yo...  Continue >>
Eight Years   / Norma Welch (Memaw)
Dear Corie    It is eight years ago this evening when you left us and that has been measured in oceans of tears mountains of grief but still with so much love we can never express. You are and will always be such a large part of our heart...  Continue >>
To My Friend Linda and Corie's Family   / Brenda Hatten Roberts (Friend of Mom )
Linda, I am so sorry to hear of your loss.I am just hearing of your loss and I wanted you and your family to know I am thinking of you. I remember (so many years ago) such a pretty little blonde running through the house as if she was the boss. ...  Continue >>
A letter to Corie  / Norma (Memaw) Welch (Grandmother)    Read >>
Corie My Love  / Norma Jean Welch (Grandmother)    Read >>
Remember / Tonyae Smith (Friend of her mother )    Read >>
the truth is  / Sherri Lea (cousin)    Read >>
corie / Sherri Lea (cousin)    Read >>
"I wish I could say goodbye one more time"  / Shayle Smith (Little cousin )    Read >>
The Passing Time  / Norma Jean Welch (Memaw)    Read >>
I Ask God  / Norma Jean Welch (Memaw)    Read >>
~*Corie*~ / Shayle Smith (Little Cousion )    Read >>
Still miss you  / Eric Bolen (Cousin)    Read >>
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Her legacy
Why Corie was Born  

She was born to give love to her family, To show love to everyone around her, To make the world she lived in for such a short time, a more beautiful place to be, To share laughter with everyone she knew, To find good when sometimes things seemed bad. And she left us knowing that we were much better people for having her in our lives,even for thoes few short years...............Memaw


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